Though commonly thought of only as tropical or subtropical plants, Bamboos are in fact native to all but two continents: Europe and Antarctica. Actually evergreen members of the grass (Poaceae) family, Bamboo possesses a reputation of being aggressive, fast-spreading and invasive, invoking images of towering, dense thickets of culms (canes). However, recent introductions are putting an end to these common misconceptions. We offer only pachymorph or clumping varieties, which do not spread by underground rhizomes, with clump diameter increasing only a few inches per year. These are new seedlings which should not flower, and therefore die-off, in your lifetime, unless prompted by environmental conditions. Bamboo makes a fantastic, long-lived screen plant and adds wonderful year 'round interest and texture to the landscape. Our Fargesia varieties are native to alpine conifer forests of West and Southwest China. All are quite cold hardy and prefer some afternoon shade from the hot summer sun. Not recommended for the southern gulf states as they are not tolerant of extremely hot and humid temperatures.

Due to excessive shipping costs, we no longer ship to AK, HI or outside the continental U.S.

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