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You won't find Brugmansia in a bulb book, (it's actually found in a genus of 7 species of shrubs and small trees). Although adaptable to a mixed border int eh deep South, it's best grown in a tub located on a terrace or patio. Continuous flushes of 6 to 10 inch trumpet-shaped flowers appear all summer long. Hanging down from the branches like fluted bells, the blooms perfume the air with their splendid fragrance. Plants grow rapidly, 3 to 4 feet the first year, producing stout stems and dark green leave. First year blooms are limited, but in colder climates, overwinter in an area protected from freezing, water occasionally, and when spring arrives a larger plant will emerge and bloom prolifically. Please note: all parts of Brugmansias are poisonous if ingested.

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