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In his book, Collins Guide to Bulbs (1961), Patrick Synge writes about the autumn blooming crocuses that Mr E.A. Bowles grew in his garden at Myddelton House, near Enfield, England. Mr. Bowles was the author of a classic monograph on two genera, Handbook of Crocus and Colchicum (1952), and he was then the widely acknowledged king of all crocus knowledge. Mr. Synge writes that "it was the blue carpet of Crocus speciosus that covered whole beds in the autumn, and the lavender and purple masses of C. tommasinianus in February which covered Mr. Bowles' rock garden, that are among my most treasured memories. These were the results of fifty years' spreading, but he once told me that both had started as very small colonies."

Like colchicums, autumn flowering crocuses are delivered in late August and September. Plant your corms promptly so they'll have time to sprout and bloom later in fall. Use: border, natural, rock garden.

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