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Amaryllis are raised for one purpose-their majestic blooms! Generally sold for indoor use, they may be planted outside in Zones 9 to 10, which is why we sell them bulk (perfectly clean, of course!) Our wide selection includes many of the most recent introductions featuring advancements in colors, color patterns, height, bloom size and floriferousness. The bulbs bloom six to eight weeks after potting. It's easy to store them until the frigid days of January and February when the landscape is depressingly bleak. Just place them in a cool, dark location (but don't use a plastic bag). In Wisconsin, we like to have amaryllis bulbs blooming as late as March! A 6" pot with good drainage, potting soil, good light and water is all that's needed. With this minimal assistance, they'll usually produce two and often three 16" - 20" stalks (shorter varieties are noted) topped with three to six large 7" to 10" trumpet blooms six to eight weeks after potting. While blooming or shortly thereafter, the long, deep green leaves emerge and fan outward from the bulb. Complete planting directions included with the bulbs is our guarantee for beautiful blooms.

Due to excessive shipping costs, we no longer ship to AK, HI or outside the continental U.S.